Project Nebula AMA on Telegram Transcript (May 6, 2021)

Holger Sundja (Co-founder and CEO), Kaarel Sööt (Co-founder and CTO) and Daniel Faubion (Community Manager) of P-Rep team, ICON Forge, participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event on Telegram, on May 6, 2021, moderated by P-Rep team, ICON Pinas.

The main topic of discussion was Project Nebula.

The transcript is as follows:


Jenny (Moderator): Good day ICONists, and welcome to another AMA session on the ICON Project Telegram chat! 👋

We’re so excited to have the ICON Forge team here with us today to discuss the upcoming release of Project Nebula, the very first NFT strategy game built on the ICON Network.

For some background information, Project Nebula is at its core a MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy) game that first started development in March 2020 and the ICON Forge team has been hard at work ever since.

In addition, Project Nebula is about space exploration and discovering new planets but what really stands out about it is the team’s strong focus on creating a very immersive user experience via gorgeous graphics/artwork and a riveting soundtrack. And because Project Nebula is an NFT game, these distinct art, music, and lore pieces are collectible/tradable.

Jay (Moderator): very gorgeous

Jenny (Moderator): So, you could say there’s strong appeal for both the collector and game player types, since someone can not only enjoy the NFTs for all their beauty and unique attributes, but also utilize them to help strategize and advance further in the actual game itself.

When you get a chance, be sure to check out the Project Nebula Marketplace in the link below:


With all that said, I’m so pleased to welcome in the Project Nebula team of @Lt_Dan_Project_Nebula @holgersun @iconforge . Thanks for taking the time to join us here today guys!

Daniel (ICON Forge): Ohh I’ve been looking forward to this 🧡

Jay (Moderator): Welcome guys @Lt_Dan_Project_Nebula @holgersun @iconforge Happpy to have you here today for an AMA session 💪

Holger (ICON Forge): Hey everybody, we’re excited to be here today 😉

Kaarel (ICON Forge): 🙌

Jay (Moderator): Are you guys ready to get started? Let’s begin with question #1

Segment I: Questions From Moderators

Jay (Moderator): From the ICON Forge’s perspective, what key features of the ICON Network compelled you to build Project Nebula on this particular blockchain project?

Kaarel (ICON Forge): Thanks for having us! We chose to build on the ICON blockchain (apart from being in the community since ICON’s inception) mainly for the following reasons:

ICON blockchain is ideal when it comes to providing a smooth gameplay experience — transactions on the blockchain are confirmed in less than 2 seconds and won’t cost you a fortune (fraction of a cent per transaction)

Being able to participate in ICON Foundation’s grant program played a part in our decision as well. This helped us off to a running start and to a point where we could do a successful planet presale.

As a developer myself it means a lot that ICON is willing to help onboard new projects…

Also, we see a bright future for ICON and believe certain features present in ICON will help greatly in terms of mass adoption in the future.

We plan to integrate ICON’s Bridge technology, which helps us provide a fluid user experience by hiding away the complexities of a blockchain from the end users. Eventually we plan to use ICON’s interoperability to connect to other networks and have our NFTs be tradable and usable on various blockchains.

Jenny (Moderator): Hey guys check out these numbers! 🤩

I. A total of 205 unique wallet addresses were used throughout the sale;
II. A total revenue of 234,319.20 ICX was generated through planet sales;
III. A total of 1000 planets were successfully auctioned off or sold in weekly raffles.

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Kaarel]

Wow now this is really exciting!

Jay (Moderator): great stuff @iconforge I’ve been excited for Project Nebula since the moment I first saw it.

Looking forward to the Bridge integration as well to help ease the onboarding process and recruit new (non-blockchain) users 👍

Jenny (Moderator): Okay second questions guys.

For more background information, NFTs have kind of been all the rage in recent months, or past year, but NFTs (on the whole) are arguably still a very niche market and there’s still a long way to go in order to achieve mass adoption…

Yet, it’s apparent that real-world growth and adoption of NFTs is happening right before our eyes.

For example:



With that said, can your team share any future plans or strategies you might have in mind to help reel in more active Project Nebula users? You know, keep the momentum going strong after the game is released.

Daniel (ICON Forge): Good Qs!

We’re actively working on some strategic partnerships that will bring value to Project Nebula and the ICON community. Our goal is to find some strong external players who have a vested interest in Project Nebula and can do more than just bring money into the game. We plan to grow what a player is able to do in the game (and outside of it!) with some smart “space” moves.

And Bridge? Definitely. We’re so excited to be a blockchain game that can use the amazing tech from ICX_station and ICON to strip away that barrier enough to bring in some Fiat-fam and introduce them to ownership, assets, and value-driven economies while they play.

Even after launch, we have plans on some new features that will broaden the target audience a bit. We hope to continue attracting true gamers from multiple genres

I know I spoke heavily from a “Gameplay” standpoint there, but our collections are already speaking for themselves and will always continue to expand and be immersive and beautiful 🧡

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Daniel]

Can’t wait for this Dan! 🥳

Daniel (ICON Forge): Seems to be the common feeling 😄 not much longer till Summer

Jay (Moderator): [in reply to Daniel]

yes definitely speaks for itself, eye candy galore! And the soundtracks are very engaging too. Looking forward to more!

Jay (Moderator): And here’s the final question from the mods, which will conclude Segment I.

Hopefully this question is a fun one.

Throughout the journey of building Project Nebula from scratch to now on the cusp of commercial release, there’s sure to have been many ups and downs, highs and lows.

Can you guys share some of the biggest challenges encountered and how you overcame them?

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

What kept your team motivated and inspired to keep going?

Holger (ICON Forge): Heh, not a week goes by at the office without us facing some smaller or bigger challenges 😄

But I guess one of the greatest challenges is actually an ongoing one — it’s finding and getting the right people to join our team.

Finding talented and creative individuals who feel a connection to what we’re doing here and are genuinely excited about Project Nebula is a continuous and very important effort for us.

We’ve grown quite a bit from the 2-man team that we were a year ago when we started, and I’m super happy about everyone who’s joined the Project Nebula team so far 🙂

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Holger]

Present! 👋😆

Holger (ICON Forge): So far our biggest accomplishment has definitely been our planet presale back in 2020. It was from many perspectives one of the most important moments for us

We were the first NFT project on ICON blockchain, we felt that NFTs were going to explode, and to some extent this process had already begun on Ethereum, but we had no idea whether we’ll be able to get enough traction and support for an NFT game on ICON blockchain. And the presale was a way for us to find out.

So the planet presale was a crucial event for Project Nebula that luckily ended very well for us — we received funding to continue development, but it also served as a confirmation from the community that ICON’s ready for NFTs ❤️

Jay (Moderator): [in reply to Holger]

really amazing results there, 1000+ planets… before launch wow

Holger (ICON Forge): Positive feedback from the community and our growing fanbase is a huge motivator for us.
And also the brainstorming sessions where we’re planning the future features and content for Project Nebula. Those sessions often end with all of us getting so pumped that we’d want to jump straight into playing Project Nebula ourselves 😄

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Holger]

The ICON community is very very supportive ❤️❤️

Holger (ICON Forge): well, that and also the time when Min was stoked for our very first tweet. We won’t forget that.
Sometimes we joke around in the office when we plan new stuff — we ask the question — is Min stoked about this though? 😄

Jay (Moderator): [in reply to Holger]


Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Holger]

@minhokimme 👋❤️

Daniel (ICON Forge): We could back our NFTs on the value of a “Min Stokedness”

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Daniel]


Jay (Moderator): [in reply to Daniel]


awesome answers from the Project Nebula team @iconforge @Lt_Dan_Project_Nebula @holgersun

and that concludes Segment I

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Jay]

fun indeed 😂 but very informative!

Let us now proceed with Segment 2. Thank you ICONists for remaining calm throughout the Segment 1 and hopefully 2😅

Jay (Moderator): [in reply to Holger]

Segment II: Questions From Twitter

Jenny (Moderator): First question is:

What is the reason behind the concept of Project Nebula? How can Project Nebula differ from other NFTs and what makes it unique? And How can Project Nebula achieve its goals and how can it help the Icon Ecosystem?

Daniel (ICON Forge): Well I’d like to start by thanking the Tweeter! It’s a solid question.

If we’re talking about collections 👉 so much time, effort and funds go into making these collections as beautiful and desirable as possible. We have a very limited count of NFTs 💎 that make these collections quite exclusive without negatively affecting gameplay for other players.

Our deep concern for collector value is why you’ll find 10/10 or 1/1 copies of in-game NFTs and not 1/200,000. When you find something in the universe or grab something from the marketplace, we want it to always be a mastercraft! Something you’d hang up at home, or put your Spotify playlist. Pick up and read before bed 🛌

We’re maybe (I say maybe!) the only blockchain-based game with a designated musical composer, a full-time writer, and a full-time digital artist working to ensure every collection is truly a work of art.

if you’re talking about gameplay solely 👉 Project Nebula NFTs are living, breathing creations! Using strategic (and sometimes just plain fun!) decisions, you’ll be able to make your NFTs your own and use them to explore the galaxy efficiently. Your ships and your planets will be yours and you’ll be able to increase their value.

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Daniel]

Daniel (ICON Forge): We care equally for both collector value and gamer value. IS THIS FUN TO PLAY!? Yes. Absolutely. And are your collections worth collecting? 100%

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Daniel]

Lots of TLC went into making Project Nebula ❤️

Daniel (ICON Forge): Absolutely. Worth the time. And our community is such an inspiration

Jay (Moderator): Next question is:

what is the hook to keep on playing? Is it a never ending game, or something that you can pass while owning rare items/NFTs that you can trade?

Holger (ICON Forge): Yes, we’re building a never-ending game.

From the moment you come through the gateway you’ll be faced with decisions that greatly affect your gameplay. You’ll travel through void and come across remnants of civilisations and solar systems with rich planets. You’ll be able to claim new planets and upgrade them. How you upgrade them is your choice and will affect other things you’re able to do in the game — such as your ships movement, planet types you can colonize and how quickly you can complete actions.

With further development, PvP will become a definitive factor. Factions and fighting! Upgrading ships, crafting your own NFTs and building things that have real value.

We are designing strategy first and mixing it with play-to-earn value. But our main focus will always be on making an immersive and beautiful game.

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Holger]

This sounds beautiful, Holger 🤩

Jenny (Moderator): And here’s the last question from Twitter:

is it possible that there is no planet left to colonize in my radius (because all are already occupied)? What then?

Kaarel (ICON Forge): Yes, this is possible due to the shared nature of the universe, and competition…

However, the playable area is vast and chances are you’ll eventually find a planet you can call home. If you don’t, well, there’s so much else you can find while exploring — from collectable lore and art to resources hidden away in space. We’ve filled the universe with far more than planets.

Also, our game has a research tree, which means that not every planet type is claimable from the get-go and you actually have to pick a path on what planet types you want to pursue first. This increases the chances that even in areas that someone else has been to there will be some planets left to claim.

The game will track how thoroughly explored an area of space is and, when needed, provide easier access to less populated areas through wormhole connections.

And the playable universe will expand with new generations. When the universe runs out of elbow room, the New Galaxy will see a new generation of NFTs. :)

Jay (Moderator): wow, there’s just so much to see and do… and like the universe itself, Project Nebula will just keep on expanding :)

Daniel (ICON Forge): As needed and with attention always being paid to value maintenance

Jenny (Moderator): That concludes Segment 2.

Segment III: Live Q&A on Telegram

Jenny (Moderator): ICONists, are your questions ready? You have 1–2 minutes to drop your questions. Segment 3 starts now!

Jenny (Moderator): Wow awesome questions! Thanks ICONists! Our guests can start answering now 😊

Pzyyyy: Project nebula has been booming for past months, what are the benefits for the early adopters and what can you offer to those who will just go and start to join the project?

Holger (ICON Forge): [in reply to Pzyyyy]

Anybody who’s joining us now is still an early bird 😉

We do also have the Mystery Boxes on the GEN-0 planets that will bring some cool surprises for the players who managed to get their hands on one of the first planets 🙂

But in general, it’s a good idea to start exploring asap when we launch, to be the first to see what the PN universe has to offer 😉

Anil Kumar: What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of community will lead your project nebula to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?

Daniel (ICON Forge): [in reply to Anil Kumar]

Hey, Lt. Dan here. Community manager and major fan of you all!

Community is vital to any game’s success, but I believe that it will forever hold a very dear part to Project Nebula’s success.

We’re still in our initial development phase before launch and already our community is shaping our game for and around us.

We believe that our Lore will be a very pivotal part of PN’s differentiator from much of what will be in existence. Our players already get to actively take part in naming NFTs, taking part in storylines and providing major feedback that translates directly into in-game features and environments.

We’re blessed to have the ICON community as our backbone. Because it’s clear that the excitement I see in our Nebula community resonates throughout the entire ICX ecosystem.

That being said. There are 13k of you here, jump in our Discord and Telegram. Take part in our giveaways! Joke around with us and come find out what everyone is so stoked for (Min!).

🧡 and a big shout-out to our community already. You gals ‘n guys make me happy

Jay (Moderator): [in reply to Daniel]

Here are the links to the Project Nebula community chats:

Asteria⬣: Will there be any F2P aspects that will allow newbies to dabble in the game before they dive head first?

At its core, Project Nebula is a MMORTS but will there be any aspects of an idle game? Perhaps mining for resources, etc?

Any aspect that will encourage players to play/log in each day? Daily rewards? Event leaderboards? Special events for limited time planets/asthetics/etc?

Kaarel (ICON Forge): [in reply to Asteria⬣]

At least in the beginning the minimum requirement to start the game is to own a spaceship NFT. We might offer some completely free introduction to the game with limited features later.

Regarding aspects of an idle game… yes and no. Parts of our game do happen regardless of whether you’re behind your screen or not — your planets continue producing resources and further your progress in the research tree. However there is a limit to how much of that can happen, so in order to be the most effective you would log in at least every few days to explore, build something and pick new researches to pursue.

Daily rewards, leaderboards and special events are all great suggestions and something that we plan to start building after we’ve launched the game.

Meg: How will Project Nebula introduced its project to the newbie in crypto?

Daniel (ICON Forge): [in reply to Meg]

There is a lot to be said about being the game that can onboard non-crypto or newbie-crypto users.

With Bridge, we hope to see a large unflux of people who would prefer to start by easily throwing $ in instead of ICX and then converting them over with value aspects to ICON Junkies!

We’re building a strategy game that is enhanced by blockchain. Not the other way around.

ICON makes transactions seemless, fast, and so affordable that they largely go unfelt.

What we create will be desired in the gaming community as much as the crypto community so that both find their own initial value before discovering the other is equally as awesome 🧡

My dad is 76. I know for a fact that we’ll get him onboarded eventually

Robin: Which benefits have gen 0 zero planets/slaceships relative to newer generations.

Kaarel (ICON Forge): [in reply to Robin]

From a collector’s perspective, GEN-0 planets will always be the first generation ever released. With very limited artwork, soundtracks and lore collectable pieces on them.

From the gameplay aspect, GEN-0 planets give you early access to more resources when the game launches. While not immediately helpful, will also be located at the centre of the game universe, which may or may not be an important factor in the future. Also, there are mystery boxes on GEN-0 planets. 😉

Daniel (ICON Forge): We’re wrappin up #6 in just a moment! Thanks for your patience 🙂

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Daniel]

No worries Dan!

Gio: Is there maximum players can play Nebula?

Holger (ICON Forge): [in reply to Gio]

There actually is. In order to get in and play Project Nebula, you’ll need to have either a spaceship NFT or a planet NFT. We’ve released 1100 planets so far and 977 spaceships — so this is the limit at the moment.

It will start to increase as we release new content after launch.

Also, when the game launches, all of the players will be finding new planets from the universe, which will inevitabely get into circulation and help onboarding new players 🙂

Moises: Regarding your A New Sun Rises — Lore Set I collection, I wonder, what will be the starting price to auction your Six Unique Spaceships? What specific requirements must I meet in order to earn one of your NFTs? Is KYC necessary?

Holger (ICON Forge): [in reply to Moises]

I was waiting for someone to ask about the Lore Set, we’re really excited about the release of A New Sun Rises tomorrow! 🚀

The starting prices for those one of a kind NFTs will be 25 ICX for each of them.

There are no additional specific requirements for anybody to participate in the auction that’s starting tomorrow (apart from having an ICX wallet of course 🙂 )

Jay (Moderator): So go get that GEN-0 ship or planet 😉

Daniel (ICON Forge): Our Lore Set auction starts tomorrow at 12:00 EET 🇪🇪

Jay (Moderator): guys, make sure to check this out!

ICON Forge (Project Nebula) team

Jenny (Moderator): Thank you so much @Lt_Dan_Project_Nebula @holgersun @iconforge for your time! Can’t wait for the release of Project Nebula and get stoked 😎

Daniel (ICON Forge): Hey everyone! We’ll do our best to keep replying to your questions in Twitter, but we will get those ships out to the winners 🙂

Your questions were really great. Some we need a bit more time to get back to ya

13K of you here! Go to our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram! Have fun with us. We’re tons of it 😉

Jay (Moderator): [in reply to Jenny]

What a team! 😎🥳 Thank you so much to the ICON Forge team @Lt_Dan_Project_Nebula @holgersun @iconforge for joining us here today! What an awesome AMA event. Hope everyone is stoked for Project Nebula 🤘

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Daniel]

Thanks guys! It was fun having you all 3 here 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Daniel]

Kaarel (ICON Forge): This was great, thanks for the opportunity 🙂

Daniel (ICON Forge): Ilusat õhtut from Estonia 🌤 everyone! See you tomorrow 🙂

Jenny (Moderator): [in reply to Kaarel]


Jay (Moderator): and that concludes the AMA event. Thank you ICONists for joining and see you on the next one!

Jenny (Moderator): Thanks everyone! 🥳




A P-Rep from 🇵🇭 representing the ICON Project. To learn more about ICON, please visit:

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A P-Rep from 🇵🇭 representing the ICON Project. To learn more about ICON, please visit:

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