ICON Pinas: October 2020 Transparency Report

Hello ICONists!

October was a busy and eventful month for our P-Rep team, as we underwent a name change from Icon Pilipinas to ICON Pinas.

In addition, a lot more things happened, so let’s get to it!

ICON Pinas Quick Recap

✅ Announced ICONbet GIF Wars! voting results.

✅ Announced ICON TikTok Battle! voting results.

✅ Hosted DAOcolors Testnet: Mag React! event.

✅ Hosted CRYPTO HORRORS! Halloween event.

✅ Hosted ICON KABOG! event on Telegram (2x/week).

✅ Hosted ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time on Facebook (1x/week).

✅ Completed name change to ICON Pinas.

✅ Started planning for the ICON Pinas Merch Store.

✅ Increased followers on Telegram from 4,159 to 5,533.

✅ Increased followers on Facebook from 57,286 to 57,292.

✅ Increased subscribers on YouTube from 1,274 to 1,576.

✅ Published 8 full videos on YouTube.

✅ Increased followers on Twitter from 2,953 to 3,077.

✅ Published 5 articles on Medium.

✅ Ran Bring Me An ICONista! marketing event.

✅ Ran several Giveaway marketing events.

Featured AMAs

D’va Community AMA

D’va Community is a crypto group on Telegram, based in Indonesia.

Here are some questions asked during live Q&A session, along with immediate feedback received upon completion of the event:

As always, like with all of our past AMAs, the main focus and objective with these events is to grow and promote ICON to as many new audiences across the globe as possible.

Featured Events

ICONbet GIF Wars! Voting Results

ICONbet Gif Wars! voting results can be viewed in the video below:

Majors congrats to the following winners:

1st place: @aleihs11

2nd place: @hijiogemaung

3rd place: @AlexiesHyro

4th place: @Cha9o

5th place: @jericooooooo

In total, there were 15 participants + 68 GIFs submitted.

All the ICONbet GIFs can found in the following Medium article:

Also, the same ICONbet GIFs can be found on Telegram:

Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated in the ICONbet GIF Wars! event.

ICON TikTok Battle Voting Results!

Job especially well done to the following winners:

1st place: @Cha9o

2nd place:@Spongee05

3rd place: @aleihs11

4th place: @Topyawww

5th place: @Neajmik

6th place: @dona_g0522

7th place: @AlexiesHyro

8th place: @matT325

9th place: @Nhene09

10th place: @Uwuuz

In total, there were 34 participants + 74 videos submitted.

All the ICON TikTok Battle! videos can be found on Telegram:

As mentioned previously, we really appreciate all the enthusiasm and ingenuity that was displayed by community members during this fun-filled event.

Looking forward to many more community building events in the near future!

DAOcolors Testnet: Mag React!

The promo video for DAOcolors Testnet: Mag React! is included below:

17 lucky winners were rewarded 25 ICX each.

All the DAOcolors Testnet: Mag React! feedback can be found in the following Medium article:

Also, here is the same article, translated to English:

Many thanks to @Geo_Dude for helping to sponsor the DAOcolors Testnet: Mag React! event.

As a refresher, GPS Gaming announced the proposal for DAOcolors back in late September…

And in early October, the voting results came back showing that DAOcolors passsed with 71,537,963.72 worth of TAP voted and 100% approval.

The entire ICON Pinas community just can’t wait for the official release of DAOcolors!


In total, there were 43 participants + 43 stories submitted.

All the CRYPTO HORRORS! stories can be found on Telegram:

Since our community is fast-growing and there are quite a lot of people who are new to both ICON and cryptos, we wanted to allow our veteran members a chance to share their experiences (in particular, “horror” stories), with the primary aim of educating and helping out our newbies.

A total prize pool of 200 ICX will be awarded to the best storytellers once winners are selected (this will take place on November 1).


Here are some agendas for a few ICON KABOG! events that took place in October:

ICON KABOG! in October 2020: 1/2
ICON KABOG! in October 2020: 2/2

ICON KABOG! has become a featured event and core staple each week for the ICON Pinas community, doing much to help us build camaraderie and boost engagement from active users on Telegram.

Our team remains excited and is very much looking forward to hosting many more ICON KABOG! events in the future…

ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time

Each week, there is a quiz (5 multiple choice questions) on the latest episode of ICX News Ngayon, and a reward of 100 PHP via load (or ICX tokens) is rewarded to community members who are able to answer all the questions correctly.

Here are the announcements of winners and corresponding questions + answers associated with each event:

ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time Winners in October 2020: 1/2
ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time Winners in October 2020: 2/2

Boosting engagement on Facebook is very important to our long-term goals on this social media platform, and ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time is proving to be an important piece in helping us to solve that challenging puzzle.

ICON Pinas Name Change

Our team is most excited about this most recent name change, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of this rebranding effort.

We really hope ICONists dig the new name and look!

ICON Pinas Merch Store

We still have lots of details to sort out, but the tentative plan as of now is to provide an “easy access” solution so that passionate community members will be able to sport gear (such as t-shirts), with the ICON Pinas name and logo design on it.

Further down the line, being able to offer up merchandise designed by community members themselves, will be the ultimate goal…

We will be sure to provide more updates as they become available.

Social Media

Telegram Growth

Facebook Growth

YouTube Growth

YouTube Educational Videos

The videos listed above were also uploaded onto the ICON Pinas Facebook page.

Twitter Growth

Medium Educational Articles

Instagram Growth

Similar to the last few months, not much needs to be said for our progress on Instagram at this time. Quite frankly, until we can go back outside to take regular photos, ICON Pinas will not prioritize growing our Instagram page.

Instagram growth remains more of a long-term plan for us at ICON Pinas.

Marketing Campaigns

Bring Me An ICONista!

In October, we hosted the Bring Me An ICONista! referral event on Telegram.


Over the next few months, we will have a much better idea of how well these new marketing tactics are working…

As it pertains to impressions, likes, re-tweets, so far, so good.

And as always, we are open to trying out new ideas and approaches so that we can keep on growing ICON.


Again, many thanks to ICON Foundation for all their support, because without their help and support, none of what we achieved to date would have been possible!

Also, many thanks to our voters who continue to support us through the ups and downs! Your loyalty means more to us than you know!

Total monthly expenses in October included the following:

  • Marketing ads = 13,226 (~273 USD)
  • Events and community tips = 62,194 PHP (~1,283 USD)
  • Software and plugins = 3,003 PHP (~62 USD)
  • Node and infrastructure support = 2,696 PHP (~56 USD)

For a subtotal of: 1,674 USD

Please note: Node and infrastructure support expenses were “only” ~56 USD (i.e., sub P-Rep spec), despite the fact that ICON Pinas was fortunate enough to gain the votes needed this month (i.e., in late October) to be promoted to main P-Rep.

Although our P-Rep team had to immediately upgrade our node to full-spec to support the new change to main P-Rep status, these prorated costs won’t be accounted for until we receive our next billing statement.

Salaries paid out in October included the following:

  • Contractor services = 14,480 PHP (~299 USD)
  • Core-team total staff wages = 48,463 PHP (~1,000 USD)

For a subtotal of: 1,299 USD

With all that being said, our team is long ICX tokens (we truly do believe in ICON), and we try our best not to sell any of our own personal holdings on exchanges/market, as much as possible. Outside of selling ICX tokens to pay for necessary services and staff salaries, any remaining rewards accrued (i.e., income earned via ICX tokens) were staked.

P-Rep Ranking

ICON Pinas Ranking

At month’s end, ICON Pinas has racked up 4,251,655 votes (an increase from 3,605,652 votes, previously).

As mentioned in the previous section, our team gained the special opportunity of operating as a main P-Rep in October, cracking into the top 22 for the first time ever.

It seems like only yesterday that our team was ranked #105 and just getting started with ICON as a newly established P-Rep. This entire journey has been humbling in many ways (i.e., it took a tremendous amount of work, effort, luck, etc. to get here), so being a main P-Rep is something that we will NEVER take for granted.

Furthermore, at this time, we would really like to say THANK YOU and give a special shout out to our voters — We owe a deep gratitude for your trust and confidence in our team!

With these type of things, which are so dynamic in nature, you just never know how long they will last for, so you just have to appreciate the moment as much as you possibly can, while it’s there.

Please note: 1,000,000 of our votes in October came courtesy of ICON Foundation, via grant approval, which we are ALWAYS most humbled and grateful to have received.

We sincerely hope that after reporting this month’s transparency report, ICONists will agree that we’ve been a very productive P-Rep team that is well-deserving of all votes we’ve received to date.

ICON Pinas is most passionate about ICON (this is the ONLY blockchain project we focus on!) and we are dedicated to working as hard as we possibly can to help accelerate growth and mainstream adoption.

Thanks for reading. Salamat po!

You can learn more about ICON Pinas by following us here:

Telegram: https://t.me/icon_pinas

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IconPinas

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IconPinas/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkwvlG2636SqqtjOYAxOhQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iconpinas

Medium: https://medium.com/@iconpinas

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies, are EXTREMELY volatile! These assets are also very speculative in nature, and no one should ever buy any without first conducting their own thorough research + due diligence. Never put any more capital at risk than you can comfortably afford to lose all of!

As ALWAYS, proceed most carefully, and if you have any questions, please consult a professional financial advisor.

A P-Rep from 🇵🇭 representing the ICON Project. To learn more about ICON, please visit: https://icon.foundation/?lang=en