ICON Pinas: January 2021 Transparency Report

Hello ICONists!

It’s a new year and we hope you’re just as excited for ICON’s future as we are. For ICON Pinas, next month will mark our 1 year anniversary as P-Rep, if you can believe it or not… Time really flies when you’re busy and also having lots of fun!

Now, let’s see what our team was able to accomplish during the first month of the new year:

ICON Pinas Quick Recap

✅ Featured guest on Crypto Titans AMA.

✅ Hosted ICON Pinas Fashionistas event.

✅ Reached 100+ ICON t-shirts shipped (in total).

✅ Hosted ICON KABOG! event on Telegram (2x/week).

✅ Hosted ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time on Facebook (1x/week).

❌ Decreased followers on Telegram from 7,857 to 7,774.

✅ Increased subscribers on YouTube from 2,220 to 2,632.

✅ Published 4 full videos on YouTube.

✅ Increased followers on Twitter from 3,251 to 3,378.

✅ Increased followers on Instagram from 131 to 963.

✅ Hosted ICON Pinas Most Hashtag Fashionistas event.

✅ Published 1 article on Medium.

✅ Ran several Bring Me An ICONista! marketing events.

✅ Ran several Giveaway marketing events.

✅ Progressing the ICON Pinas website.

Featured AMAs

CryptoChain PH AMA

The topics highlighted during this AMA were: ICON Republic website, ICONFi, and the Contribution Proposal System (CPS).

The AMA event with CryptoChain PH went very smoothly, and as always, we want to keep making efforts to market ICON to attract more Pinoy users.

Crypto Titans AMA

There were more live questions asked during this AMA event than we had ever seen before, previously!

Overall, the AMA with Crypto Titans was a great experience for us, and we’re glad we got a chance to take part in this event and help promote ICON to a fresh audience.

Featured Events

ICON Pinas Fashionistas

In total, there were 68 participants…

Here’s a Fashionistas update video we published:

And the voting results (169 votes from community members):

There were 6 winners in total, who each received: 30 ICX, 1x ICON t-shirt, 1x ICON Pinas t-shirt.

To date, ICON Pinas has now shipped 100+ t-shirts to our community members!

Most definitely, we are excited to see these winning Fashionistas sporting ICON merch and showcasing it on our new website. Stay tuned!


ICON KABOG! in January 2021: 1/2
ICON KABOG! in January 2021: 2/2

ICON KABOG! has become a featured event and core staple each week for the ICON Pinas community, doing much to help us build camaraderie and boost engagement from active users on Telegram.

Our team remains excited and is very much looking forward to hosting many more ICON KABOG! events in the future. Moving forward from here, we’ll continue looking for new ideas and ways to spice up ICON KABOG! to keep it fresh and interesting for all community members.

ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time

Each week, there is a quiz (5 multiple choice questions) on the latest episode of ICX News Ngayon, and a reward of 100 PHP via load (or ICX tokens) is rewarded to community members who are able to answer all the questions correctly.

Here are some examples of the questions asked for ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time, which took place in January:

ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time Winners in January 2021

Boosting engagement on Facebook is important to our long-term goals on this social media platform, and ICX News Ngayon Quiz Time is proving to be an important piece in helping us to solve that challenging puzzle.

Social Media

Telegram Growth

Telegram is where our team and community are most active, so it’s disheartening anytime we see our members count decreasing. These things happen, and we’ll need to stay active and keep looking for ways to attract, engage, and retain more people.

YouTube Growth

YouTube Educational Videos

The videos listed above were also uploaded onto the ICON Pinas Facebook page.

Twitter Growth

Instagram Growth

In January, our team started to make a bigger push to grow our Instagram account, by posting lots of new content:

With our growing community and the type of events we’re doing now, we think it’s time….

As such, we’re very elated to be able to share special stories, such as the following, on Instagram:

IG Post

Also, we ran our first ever Instagram event, ICON Pinas Most Hashtag Fashionistas:

Our first IG event was a success, as there was good engagement from users, with several posts achieving 160+ likes (and also many comments).

Facebook Growth

Similar to the past few months, our team has not been active with FB marketing ads, as our focus has shifted elsewhere, prioritizing other approaches for growth (e.g., merch craze events, giveaways on Twitter, stronger focus on Telegram, Instagram, and YouTube growth, etc.). Our lessened marketing activity on FB explains the decrease in both the number of likes and followers this month on the ICON Pinas page.

We do feel that having an active presence on Facebook is important, but in terms of marketing budget, at this time, we remain confident that concentrating our spending and efforts on some of the other social media platforms continues to be the right move.

Medium Educational Articles

Marketing Campaigns

ICON Pinas Merchandise

We are making efforts to boost our brand awareness, both in the digital world, as well as the real world.

The winners of last month’s ICON Pinas Merch Craze! event were sent their t-shirts, just in time for Christmas!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and shared pics with our community!

Bring Me An ICONista!

You never know who you’ll get with these type of events (results can be a mixed bag at times), but we still think it’s worth the effort to host them since gaining high quality members is so invaluable.

At this stage, it also should go without saying just how important we feel it is to attract new users into our Telegram chat — This is the social media platform where our team and community are most active and engaged.


Here are some giveaway examples from January:

Also, efforts are made to form strong friendships and bonds by offering free promotions to other giveaway hosts and Twitter community members.

And as always, we are open to trying out new ideas and approaches so that we can keep on growing ICON.

ICON Pinas Website

ICON Pinas website 1/2
ICON Pinas website 2/2

We really just can’t wait to put the finishing touches on this development (hopefully just another month of work will be needed) and share it with the global ICON community!


Again, many thanks to ICON Foundation for all their support, because without their help and support, none of what we achieved to date would have been possible!

Also, many thanks to our voters who continue to support us through the ups and downs! Your loyalty means more to us than you know!

Total monthly expenses in January included the following:

  • Merchandise (materials, printing, shipping) = 39,422 PHP (~821 USD)
  • Marketing, events, and community tips = 69,447 PHP (~1,445 USD)
  • Node and infrastructure support = 36,105 PHP (~750 USD)
  • Productivity Software and tools = 1,941 PHP (~41 USD)
  • Business, Legal, Consultation services = 3,010 PHP (~63 USD)

For a subtotal of: 3,120 USD

Similar to the past few months, our team continued printing + shipping a lot of ICON/ICON Pinas t-shirts this month, to community members. We are hoping this effort will help us better market and promote ICON in the real world.

Salaries paid out in January included the following:

  • Core-team total staff wages = 110,202 PHP (~2,294 USD)

For a subtotal of: 2,294 USD

Any remaining ICX earned was staked by the team (January represented our best opportunity to date to save for the upcoming 5% P-Rep bond requirement, thanks to an advancing ICX price experienced this month).

With all that being said, our team is long ICX tokens (we truly do believe in ICON), and we try our best not to sell any of our own personal holdings on exchanges/market, as much as possible.

P-Rep Ranking

ICON Pinas Ranking

At month’s end, ICON Pinas has racked up 5,751,673 votes (an increase from 5,567,484 votes, previously).

Similar to past months, at this time, we would really like to say THANK YOU and give a special shout out to our voters — We owe a deep gratitude for your trust and confidence in our team!

Please note: 1,000,000 of our votes in January came courtesy of ICON Foundation, via grant approval, which we are ALWAYS most humbled and grateful to have received.

We sincerely hope that after reporting this month’s transparency report, ICONists will agree that we’ve been a very productive P-Rep team that is well-deserving of all votes we’ve received to date.

ICON Pinas is most passionate about ICON (this is the ONLY blockchain project we focus on!) and we are dedicated to working as hard as we possibly can to help accelerate growth and mainstream adoption.

Thanks for reading. Salamat po!

You can learn more about ICON Pinas by following us here:

Telegram: https://t.me/icon_pinas

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IconPinas

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IconPinas/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkwvlG2636SqqtjOYAxOhQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iconpinas

Medium: https://medium.com/@iconpinas

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies, are EXTREMELY volatile! These assets are also very speculative in nature, and no one should ever buy any without first conducting their own thorough research + due diligence. Never put any more capital at risk than you can comfortably afford to lose all of!

As ALWAYS, proceed most carefully, and if you have any questions, please consult a professional financial advisor.

A P-Rep from 🇵🇭 representing the ICON Project. To learn more about ICON, please visit: https://icon.foundation/?lang=en