Icon Pilipinas: June 2020 Transparency Report

Hello ICONists!

June was another busy month of growth for us here at Icon Pilipinas. Let’s get right to it:

Icon Pilipinas Quick Recap

✅ Featured guest on OKEx Filipino AMA.

✅ Featured guest on BTSE Philippines AMA.

✅ Hosted Road to 600 raffle event (collaboration with radiofriendly123 of ICONation) on Telegram.

✅ Hosted FutureICX Competition event (collaboration with nblaze of Midos) on Telegram.

✅ Increased followers on Telegram from 252 to 735.

✅ Increased followers on Facebook from 52,596 to 54,489.

✅ Achieved post reach on Facebook of 236,398.

✅ Published 8 new articles on Medium.

✅ Increased subscribers on YouTube from 199 to 287.

✅ Published 2 new full videos on YouTube.

✅ Increased followers on Twitter from 345 to 457.

Featured AMAs

During the early part of June, Icon Pilipinas took part in the OKEx Filipino AMA, featuring ICON.

The OKEx Filipino AMA took place on their Telegram chat, during June 6, which featured over 8,400 members:

Shown below are some snippets from the event.


Questions and Answers:

When it came time for Q&A, there were many excellent questions asked by the OKEx Filipino community, wanting to learn more about ICON.

Here’s a small sample set of some of questions that we were asked during the AMA:

Questions #1:

Here were some of our replies:

Answers #1:

Answers #2:

Overall, the OKEX Filipino AMA went very smoothly and our team had a wonderful time! We are highly confident that our efforts here helped onboard more ICONists to the ICON ecosystem.

Towards the end of the month, Icon Pilipinas also took part in another AMA, this time with BTSE Philippines.

The BTSE Philippines AMA took place on their Telegram chat, during June 27, which featured over 600 members:

Shown below are some snippets from the event.

Introduction and Questions:

Answers #1:

Answers #2:

The AMA with BTSE Philippines was well conducted, and feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Again, our team is confident that more and more Pinoys are taking interest and becoming ICONists, after attending these AMA events.

Featured Events

In an addition to the AMA events, Icon Pilipinas also made efforts to significantly boost our number of members + engagement on our local Telegram chat during the month of June.

We held a raffle, called “The Road to 600” to help us achieve a milestone of 600 members.

Thanks to the generous support of main P-Rep team ICONation and their team member @Radiofriendly123, we were able to meaningfully increase the stakes and entice even more people to take part in our event (which they did!).

We are happy to report back to ICONists that the raffle event was a success; the Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat was able to achieve our goal of reaching 600 members before the end of June!

A total of 600 ICX tokens were given out to winners of the raffle, as shown above.

All in all, our team had a lot of fun engaging with the community during this raffle event, and we’re looking forward to hosting more in the future!

Towards the end of June, Icon Pilipinas also teamed up with nblaze, of P-Rep team Midos, to help promote a “FutureICX Competition” event on our Telegram chat.

For this event, participants had a 24 hour window to submit a prediction of where they thought the ICX token would be trading, at the start of July 1.

We our proud to share with ICONists that we received 213 unique entries (again, in just 24 hours), and in fact, one of our Telegram members nailed the exact ICX token price (up to 4 decimal places)!

Many thanks to nblaze for sponsoring this event and furthermore for generously offering to boost the prize pool; a total of 500 ICX tokens were awarded to the top 7 most accurate predictions.

Icon Pilipinas and our followers are really excited and looking forward to the official release of FutureICX on the ICON network. Best wishes to P-Rep teams Midos and Sharpn on a smooth release!

Moving forward from here, our team is highly motivated to keep growing our Telegram chat so that we can continue collaborating with more and more P-Rep teams, helping them promote any new DApps and tools they’re working on.

DApps being built on ICON are increasing at a rapid rate, and our team wants to help market and promote these to the best of our abilities.

Social Media

There are currently 735 members on the Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat, which increased from 252, previously.

Over time, we’re constantly being reminded just how powerful a social media platform Telegram is for MASSIVELY boosting user engagement.

Thanks to tools like the iBriz.ai TipTap Bot (which we have been using liberally in our chat)…

…we’ve been able to not only interact and engage with our followers, but fulfill our mission statement of building up a very passionate ICON sub-community out here in the Philippines.

This is only the beginning! Icon Pilipinas is very focused and highly looking forward to even more accelerated growth on Telegram to help the ICON Project become a truly global phenomenon.

At the conclusion of June, the Icon Pilipinas Facebook page has achieved 54,384 likes and 54,489 total follows (up from 52,506 likes and 52,596 total follows, previously).

Our team remains committed to utilizing Facebook to promote ICON, both on the marketing side, as well as educational. Ideally, Icon Pilipinas will be able to grow our user base in Facebook, as well as onboard many of our followers here onto Telegram, as well, for further engagement.

Longer-term, we will look for more ways and opportunities to boost our engagement on Facebook, which we think has room for improvement.

Here are some of the noteworthy Facebook ads our team published in June to promote ICON:

Overall, through the use of marketing ads, our post reach on Facebook hit 236,398 in June.

In June, our team published 8 articles on Medium.

In Tagalog:

In English:

As has been the case for a few months now, Icon Pilipinas remains committed to putting in the hard work now so that any newcomers to ICON and Icon Pilipinas won’t have a challenging and steep learning curve to overcome.

Icon Pilipinas is here to help! The resources we’re putting together are intended to facilitate “less painful” learning, especially for newbies.

When it comes to new technology like ICON, don’t forget, intimidation can easily drive away new people, so we must do everything that we can to combat this.

The Icon Pilipinas YouTube channel now has 287 subscribers (up from 199, previously).

Unfortunately, due to several factors, such as a heavily concentrated effort to grow our Telegram chat (focusing on AMAs/events/engagement with our followers), our team was only able to produce 2 videos on YouTube during the month of June:

We hope to get back on track with recording many more YouTube videos, moving forward from here. Likely beginning in August, things will get much better on the YouTube front; worth noting, our team is currently experiencing logistical challenges with filming, due to the ongoing pandemic.

On Twitter, Icon Pilipinas is experiencing gradual growth, as our followers have increased to 457 (up from 345, previously).

As mentioned in past transparency reports, growth on Twitter is not a major focus for our team at this time.

We currently have 52 followers on Instagram (up from 51, previously).

Similar to the last few months, not much needs to be said for our progress on Instagram at this time. Quite frankly, until the lockdown/quarantine is over and we can go back outside to take photos, Icon Pilipinas will not prioritize growing our Instagram page.

Instagram growth remains more of a long-term plan for us at Icon Pilipinas.


Since our last update, Icon Pilipinas has spent an additional 49,084 PHP (~$995 USD) on marketing ads, AMA events, and raffles to grow the ICON Project, during the month of June.

In addition, the Icon Pilipinas team distributed an additional 16,417 PHP (~$333 USD) in tips, primarily through the TipTap bot, on our Telegram chat, to boost user engagement.

Total monthly expenses in June included the following:

  • Marketing and events = 49,084 PHP (~995 USD)
  • Tips and rewards to community= 16,417 PHP (~333 USD)
  • Node and infrastructure support = 2,050 PHP (~42 USD)

For a grand total of: 1,371 USD

Salaries paid out in June included the following:

  • Combined total staff wages = 5,400 PHP (~109 USD)

It’s worth noting that i_rep was recently dramatically lowered, beginning in June, which heavily impacted all P-Rep teams, including our own.

As a consequence of greatly reduced P-Rep rewards to work with, our team made what we feel was a necessary decision near the end of the month to apply for a grant, via the ICON Community Forum.

The month of June was a transitional one for many P-Rep teams, one could argue, where a great deal of volatility severely impacted budget and spending.

P-Rep Ranking

At the conclusion of June, Icon Pilipinas was ranked #29 among global P-Reps on the ICON network.

Icon Pilipinas Ranking

At month’s end, Icon Pilipinas had racked up 2,221,201 votes (a decrease from 2,226,070 votes, previously).

Granted, 1,000,000 of our votes came courtesy of ICON Foundation, via their P-Rep Delegation Pilot Program, which we are most humbled and grateful to have received.

We sincerely hope that after reporting this month’s transparency report, ICONists will agree that we’ve been a very productive P-Rep team that is well-deserving of all votes we’ve received to date.

Icon Pilipinas is most passionate about ICON (this is the ONLY blockchain project we focus on!) and we are dedicated to working as hard as we possibly can to help accelerate growth and mainstream adoption.

Thanks for reading. Salamat po!

You can learn more about ICON Pinas by following us here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IconPinas/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkwvlG2636SqqtjOYAxOhQ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IconPinas

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iconpinas

Telegram: https://t.me/icon_pinas

Medium: https://iconpinas.medium.com/

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As ALWAYS, proceed most carefully, and if you have any questions, please consult a professional financial advisor.