Icon Pilipinas: 2020 Roadmap

As a somewhat newly formed P-REP team on the ICON network (we just turned 1 month old!), you could say that we are still adjusting to the workflow and life as an active contributor.

At Icon Pilipinas, our focus from the start has been on marketing and growing the ICON Project (#ICONProject) via targeting a much broader mainstream audience, outside of the more niche techie crowds (the type of people you would normally associate with as being passionate about blockchain technology + cryptocurrencies).

For the ICON network, if “hyperconnecting the world” is the name of the game, then most certainly that means we (the ICON community, collectively as a whole) will need to figure out a way to reach the masses.

In other words, we need to make all this behind the scenes fascinating techie stuff way more relatable to the common person and far less intimidating, so that they will actually want to embrace using ICON.

Icon Pilipinas aims to tackle the important challenge of recruiting A LOT more people to become ICONists by producing:

  • Fun and goofy, yet educational VLOG-style videos.
  • Easy to digest blog posts.
  • Simple, yet effective marketing ads.

While at the same time, we will strive to build up a strong support network that newbies and anyone else can reach out to, whenever they have any questions about ICON.

2020 Roadmap

With all that being said, we know that ICONists value transparency, and they want to know what each P-REP team is working on, so that they themselves can make a more informed decision when deciding on who to vote for.

Here’s what Icon Pilipinas is aiming to accomplish for the remainder of 2020:

Icon Pilipinas 2020 Roadmap

Host local meet ups (in person and online)

Engaging in face-to-face meet ups (starting out in Metro Manila, Philippines) was something the team at Icon Pilipinas was really looking forward to doing, quite frankly, when we first onboarded as P-REP.

We really wanted to interact with and get to know local Pinoys, while discussing and sharing the ICON Project!

However, due to the recent mandatory lockdown/quarantine in Metro Manila, alongside many parts of the globe, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to cancel some previously scheduled meet ups and revise our game plan.

Right now, it’s probably still too soon for us to resume hosting meet ups via a virtual(online) setting, as many of our fellow brothers and sisters are still getting settled in and adjusting to this “new reality” we must now all live in.

We sincerely hope and pray everyone finds a way to stay safe and healthy!

Soon enough though, whether it’s in person and/or online, we hope to find a way to get back on track and host regular meet ups; this in our view, will be the best way to start building a local ICON community + support network.

Follow-up items to enhance meet ups would include: training sessions, tutorials, lectures, group discussions, Q&A, etc.

Average of 2x meet ups/month to start out with and adjust depending on interest and feedback.

Timeframe and Duration: On standby for now (taking a backseat to lockdown/quarantine settling-in period); continuous thereafter.

Work with local influencers

Once we’ve built up some traction and a solid following via various Social Media platforms (i.e., Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Medium, Telegram, etc.) we would like to reach out to local influencers (could be anyone, really), and see if there’s a way we could possibly help each other out, say through a collaboration project.


Initially we were targeting at starting this outreach process around August timeframe, giving our team ~5 months to mature and grow our followers base on social media first, but again, due to COVID-19, it’s NOT possible for us to know for certain when it will be safe enough to go outside again.

Ideally, if all goes well, we would be able to both find a local influencer to work with and deliver a featured promo item that would serve to highlight the ICON Project sometime this year, which would help us reach an even wider local audience here in the Philippines.

Timeframe and Duration: Begin in August (if possible); complete first project by end of December.

Facebook growth

Facebook is the premiere social media platform here in the Philippines, securing over 80% of the market share, which makes it the most relevant (and impactful) place for us to focus marketing the ICON Project on.

Currently, Icon Pilipinas has 3,541 followers on Facebook.

We are very appreciative and thankful for the support we’ve received thus far from our fellow Pinoys on Facebook, and we’re always ecstatic to meet and connect with more of them! 😊

Please share Icon Pilipinas with your friends + family and let’s keep the momentum going strong guys!

Timeframe and Duration: On Facebook, Icon Pilipinas would like to achieve the following significant milestones by the end of 2020:

  • 5,000 followers (by May 1)
  • 10,000 followers (by August 1)
  • 20,000 followers (by January 1, 2021)
  • 500,000 people reached over a 60 day period (by January 1, 2021) via ad campaigns, organic growth, word of mouth, whatever means necessary, really.

Produce content (VLOGs + blog posts for social media)

We want to keep producing original VLOG-style videos on YouTube, like we’ve been doing from the start.

5 reasons why you need to learn about ICON Project ICX
ICONex (live demo): How to create a wallet
Room 2 Improve: Mic shopping in Makati

Alongside with writing more blog posts on Medium.

For example:

We’re just getting started here on Medium!

As it turns out, some people prefer visual content and others learn best from reading. Different strokes for different folks.

At Icon Pilipinas, we know that if we indeed want to reach as many people and grow the ICON community as much as possible, we’ll have to provide a steady blend of both!

Timeframe and Duration: Continuous

Produce content (ICON-related ads for marketing)

Most recently, we started to get more involved and active with creating specialized content for Facebook ads, further getting the word out about ICON.

A most recent post of ours, shown below, was able to garner north of 1,000 likes from a single ad campaign.

Facebook image ad

In addition, we are also making a push to get our videos out to more people, generating video ads on Facebook, as well.

The following short clip of Reason #5 DPoC and Staking Rewards brought in 547 likes on Facebook, also from a single ad campaign.

Facebook video ad

More ideas for future ad campaigns featuring images are shown below (which are just preliminary examples that we ultimately may or may not commit to using).

Facebook ad idea #1
Facebook ad idea #2
Facebook ad idea #3

The possibilities are endless, really.

Timeframe and Duration: Continuous

Record podcasts

As it pertains to podcasts, the ICON community seems to have this base well covered, and there’s already been a lot of HIGH QUALITY content released by other leading P-REP teams.

Such as the following:

Certainly, we are not looking to compete (nor overlap) with our P-REP fam (especially on the tech side of things), and it’s highly unlikely we would even be able to produce content as engaging as theirs, anyway.

Rather, when it comes to podcasts, what we mean is that the Icon Pilipinas team would be open to being a guest on someone else’s podcast (e.g, a fellow P-REP), or we would try and interview folks outside the realm of who you would normally expect to find in the ICON community (e.g., local crypto YouTubers based in the Philippines, local celebrities, local businesses, etc.).

Just like everything else we are trying to build here at Icon Pilipinas, we are interested in trying to add new value to the ICON community; to us, we can provide ICONists the most “bang for their votes” by diversifying and concentrating on areas where other P-REP teams aren’t as focused on.

Timeframe and Duration: Begin in June (tentatively scheduled); continuous thereafter.

YouTube growth

YouTube is the second most significant social media platform we want to concentrate building a following on, after Facebook.

Currently, Icon Pilipinas has 84 subscribers on our YouTube channel.

Icon Pilipinas YouTube Channel

To date, the bulk of our growth efforts have been centered on Facebook, but over time, we will try and balance things out by putting more of a focus on YouTube.

While we will continue doing the best that we can under the current circumstances to produce new videos on YouTube, quite frankly, when it comes down to it, we really will need to be able to go outside and film to be most effective.

We have a lot of VLOG ideas in mind, and are now just patiently waiting for the opportunity to execute! 🙏

Timeframe and Duration: On YouTube, Icon Pilipinas would like to achieve the following significant milestones by the end of 2020:

  • 1,000 followers (by November 1)
  • 2,000 followers (Ongoing)

Reaching 1,000 followers would represent our first major milestone on YouTube, and we would certainly like to get there by November 1.

Since we really aren’t sure what our growth rate on YouTube will be like in the future (yet), at this time, we’ll simply state that the subsequent goal would be for Icon Pilipinas to hit 2,000 followers on YouTube (which will possibly be an ongoing assignment heading into 2021).

Register Icon Pilpinas (P-REP) node


Icon Pilipinas became an official P-REP of the ICON republic on February 23. 😁 🇵🇭 🙌

Closing Thoughts

Icon Pilipinas is a relatively new P-REP, so while we are doing our best to provide ICONists a more detailed roadmap of our future plans and intentions to help grow the ICON Project, please keep in mind that the outline that we have shared with you in this article is subject to change.

  • Marketing techniques and strategies are ever-evolving.
  • We are constantly learning and trying to get better.
  • Life itself is unpredictable.

It’s important to have goals, but one day at a time po. 😎#keepgrinding #levelup #BUIDL

That’s all for now folks. Stay safe and healthy everyone! Until the next update.

Thanks for reading. Salamat po.

If you enjoy our content and feel like we are doing a good job in helping to grow the ICON Project and ICON community, please consider supporting us by voting for ICON Pinas.

Every last vote counts and can help so much!

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Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are EXTREMELY volatile! These assets are also very speculative in nature, and no one should ever buy any without first conducting their own thorough research + due diligence. Never put any more capital at risk than you can comfortably afford to lose all of!

As ALWAYS, proceed most carefully, and if you have any questions, please consult a professional financial advisor.

A P-Rep from 🇵🇭 representing the ICON Project. To learn more about ICON, please visit: https://icon.foundation/?lang=en