ICON (ICX) Project: How to Open an ICONex Desktop Wallet

ICONex Desktop Wallet

A viable option for storing ICX tokens is to use the ICONex online wallet for your desktop/laptop (e.g., PC or Mac).

You can find the ICONex wallet link (third item from the left, on the main menu) via the ICON Foundation home page.

You will need to have the Google Chrome browser, or Brave browser, installed.

ICONex is available for download on Google Chrome via Extension.

ICONex is also available for download on the Brave browser.

Once you’ve installed ICONex to your Google Chrome or Brave browser, you should see an ICON logo appear adjacent to your toolbar.

If you click the ICON logo (shown above), it should re-direct you to the ICONex wallet home page.

Create Wallet

1) To create a new wallet using ICONex, select “Create Wallet” from the home page.

2) If our intentions are to hold/store ICX tokens, select “ICON (ICX)” and press the “Next” button.

3) Enter a “Wallet Name” and set your “Wallet Password”.

Please note: There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why you should ever disclose the password to your ICONex personal wallet with anyone!

Double check and confirm your password in the field directly below where you set your password, and press the “Next” button when finished.

4) Download and backup your keystore file by clicking the “Download Keystore file (wallet backup file)” button. Press the “Next” button when ready to proceed.

Please note: The keystore file is extremely important! It lets you recover/retrieve your ICONex personal wallet using a desktop/laptop (e.g., PC or Mac), or access your ICONex personal wallet using a smartphone (e.g., Android or iOS), at ANYTIME (provided you also remember your password!).

Make sure to backup your keystore file (e.g., external USB flash drive) and store it somewhere safe (preferably offline so it can’t get hacked by anyone).

Don’t forget the password you just set either! If you think you might forget it, better err on the side of caution and back that up too!

5) Next, backup your private key. You can do so by clicking the “Copy Private Key” button, or by selecting “Print Wallet”.

Please note: The private key acts like a “master key” and is arguably even more important than your keystore file (while the keystore file still requires you to remember your password in order to gain access your ICONex wallet, the private key does not!).

Your private key is a unique string of 64 characters that lets ANYONE gain *DIRECT ACCESS* to your ICONex personal wallet (i.e., your funds/tokens), which is why you should NEVER disclose this most sensitive information to ANYONE!

If someone wants to send you ICX tokens (we will cover this in a separate article), they do NOT need to know your private key in order to do so.

Again, only YOU need to know your private key!

Press the “Complete” button when finished.

6) You will now be directed to the “My Wallet” tab of ICONex.

Highlighted below is the name + public key of the new wallet we just created.

You are now ready to receive ICX tokens!

Receiving ICX Tokens

To deposit/receive ICX tokens into your ICONex personal wallet, you will need to know your public key.

From the example above, here is the public key associated with the wallet we just created:

Please note: Unlike your private key (which again, you should NEVER share with anyone!), your public key is meant to be shared with other people.

Anyone who knows your public key can only send you ICX tokens, but they cannot withdraw any ICX tokens from your personal wallet.

However, also keep in mind, if someone knows your public key, they can view all your past transactions history (this is the inherent nature of all public blockchains, such as ICON network).

So, if you want someone to send you ICX tokens but you don’t want them to view your wallet’s history, simply create a new (blank) wallet, and give them the public key to the latter, instead.

There is no limit to how many personal wallets you can own/create.

Congrats, that’s all there is to it!

Thanks for reading. Salamat po!

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