DAOcolors Testnet: Feedback!


Here is feedback for DAOcolors Testnet, as posted on the Icon Pilipinas Telegram chat, using the hashtag #DAOcolorsFeedback

(All feedback and suggestions have been translated to English)

Purpose: To help debug and improve DAOcolors as much as possible before its highly anticipated mainnet release later this year. 😉😎🙌

Everyone is encouraged to play DAOcolors:

👉 http://daocolors.com

Please note: The game is totally free to play on testnet!

DAOcolors Testnet: Feedback!

@lavicrep69 (Coachval)

Mobile phone/Android/ i love this game and totally seeing it as one of the number one game in the future. This is only a suggestion if only you can change or differ the size of the sidebet color betting space or make it different cause sometimes its really confusing if im in the mainbet or the sidebet already. Change the size and the style of the sidebet interface #DAOcolorsFeedback

@Cryptaddict (Cryptaddict (I never DM you first))

Suggestion.. change the hand with a beautiful female hand 🤪

@Cha9o (Rose Dawson)

I love the color game since I was 6 years old so I know every part of it😆 so I have 1 question/suggestion. *Is it possible to use this color position?

*In terms of ICX bet, is it possible that aside from color there is clear 0.1, 1, 5, 25 ICX in the middle coz it’s sometimes confusing.

* Is it possible that we can bring down the box 1 by 1 or really 3 boxes in 1 tap?

#DAOcolorsFeedback @Geo_Dude

@Cha9o (Rose Dawson)

After the pulling, add the sounds,

“Taya na! Taya na! (Bet now! Bet now!”) so there’s a hint when you can start betting again. #DAOcolorsFeedback

Winning sounds: “May nanalo na” (“There’s a winner already”)🎉

Losing sound: “Taya ka pa” 😆 (“Keep on betting”)

@Cha9o (Rose Dawson)

*I hope it’s possible to see the 3 boxes/blocks before we can pull the string.

*The size of “Remove the Bets” is too small.

*I clicked the side-bet and I was lost, dunno how it works.

*Add a design like banderitas (flaglets) in the corner. 😆

I will add more later.


@Cha9o (Rose Dawson)

Is it possible to see the three boxes before it rolls?


@Cha9o (Rose Dawson)

I tried once again, I love the add-ons like confetti and the claps of the audience.
My only request is to let us see the 3 boxes/blocks before the roll so that we will have an idea of what possible color will come out. That’s how a player works in the real world. They are looking at what color at the back of that boxes/blocks. Hopefully, it’s possible. All in all, it is great and I’m 1001% all players will love it not only Filipinos but other ICONbet Lords. I’m satisfied with the design in the background. Simple yet catchy and elegant.
By the way, I’m using my handy Android phone😆 I don’t feel laggy even I’m just using data so so so great works team and all the people behind this game.


@Spongee05 (Yuriesh)


I will rate this game 99.9%

Maybe because it’s easier to access and easier to win too! Hopefully, it won’t get laggy once released in ICONbet, but #DAOColors is really #FREAKIN_AWESOME 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#ganda #sexy #sohotty

@Jerickkkkkkkkk (Jerickkkkkkkkkk🇵🇭)

Mobile phone/android I really love color games since I was a child. I would always watch out for it during the festive activities here in our place. Hence, I really feel excited that we will have DAOcolors in Icon Pilipinas! ❤️🇵🇭.While playing DAOcolor test, I noticed that the game’s phasing is quite slow, especially when placing a bet on each color. Words are small too when removing bets. Hopefully, this gets fixed before the official release. We are sure that the players would really love this.🇵🇭☘️


@Jerickkkkkkkkk (Jerickkkkkkkkkk🇵🇭)

I'm playing DAOcolors right now I notice that the hand is not moving. Was the animation removed or maybe there’s something wrong?


@HiImGroot (エルマー)

My feedback for the game Daocolors:

1) Loading (when you click the hand to start the game)

2) Explain how to use side bets so that the players (especially the new players) will know how to play with it. You can add HELP BUTTON on how to play the game :)

3) I hope there are some changes to the design if the main net launch

4) Change the max bet and side bet on a higher amount (if you want😂) but I prefer higher max and side bet.

5) Specify the equivalent ICX of every coin. Like the color blue=0.1 etc.

That’s all :) Everything is working fine. Just add some design so the other players from other countries will love it. More power!


@EliseVee (Eloisa Vee)

As you can see in the video, placing bets took a longer time than usual, it also didn’t work and a pink cube suddenly appears below. After the second attempt, a notice from DAOcolor.com popped up

“ The device values sent to the rolling system do not equal the ones coming from the blockchain. Please report this to the developer. intRes: 525 values: 524.”

I am not sure if this is because of my internet connection or an application issue but then, it only happened once. Luckily I got it recorded. I’m using an Android mobile phone.


@EliseVee (Eloisa Vee)

Im also suggesting to show some short instructions on how to play the game for those players who are not familiar with this. Thank you!

I just want to make some suggestions. I’m currently using an Android/Mobile Phone. Personally, I really love playing Color games since I was a child because of the mixed emotion — nervousness and excitement it brings me. What I want to suggest is, is it possible for us to also see the side of the dice before we pull it? Just like how we, Filipinos, usually play the real color games. Also, can we control the force on how we pull the string? If possible, it would be so nice and it will bring more excitement.

The rest is really good and I’m excited for it to launch ❤️ I also love the strong colors and the sounds when the dice rolls.

I’m using a Mobile/Android Phone.

@EliseVee (Eloisa Vee)

As you can see on the videos.

The first one has a “No luck this time, try again” and an “Aww” sounds.

But in the second video,

It has confetti and audience cheering sound even if I lost my bet and got Zero ICX

Also, I think it is better if the text is different when the result appears. Maybe it should be more embossed or something like highlighted so that it will stand out.


@EliseVee (Eloisa Vee)

We can perhaps put an animation at the beginning where we can see the entire cart of the color game every fiesta, also with cartoon balloons and then zooming slowly on the box of the color game itself, hahahaha! 🤣


lols hehe 😅😅😅

Ps. Also chicks with different colors. lol

@EliseVee (Eloisa Vee)

The background never appeared on my end since it was changed. My internet is okay and as you can see in the video I was able to open it quickly. I waited and tried it a couple of times. But it really wouldn’t work. I’m using my Android mobile phone.


@Sweetzia (Lyn Perez)

I’m using an Android mobile phone. The color game is very much popular here in the Philippines, particularly during the town fiesta. I love this game because it’s very simple wherein anyone could easily understand the mechanics.

For these digital color games, I would say it was almost perfect… except for the side bet position.. It was a little bit confusing that a player can’t figure out how to play it. So it might better to upgrade by putting another small icon to show what is exactly the colors that a certain player selected on the side bet. Big Icon for Main then smaller icon for the side bet.


@Topyawww (Topyawwwit)

I’m using an Android phone now. I love playing color games since I was a child, excitement about playing. Now I see a digital color game is better because you don’t need to go to the place where the color game is hosted. The problem I encounter is the loading you cannot see the amount of bet when the background is still loading. Also suggestions for the game, Filipinos know that if we tap the hand button or pull it, the draw will start. But what about other countries and people who don’t know how to make the draw start, you should put something like instructions that will tell the players where to tap to have the draw starts.



The game looks unique, the gameplay is the same as before, the color visuals are attractive … on Airdroid it looks a bit jerky and laggy when setting colors and recording results! Hope to be smoother in the future

#daocolors feedback

@Tonnie29 (🇵🇭 TONNIE29 🇵🇭)

When I was a child, I’m addicted to that game if there is a perya (amusement show) here in my place, usually when the barangay festival is near. I always look forward to the opening of the perya every night and happily huddling in the color game to bet. So when I found out that @iconbetofficial with the help of @ gpsgaming1 and @iconpilipinas will release a new game and it is the game I was obsessed with when I was young, it was a mixture of fun and excitement I felt. Based on my experience, playing Daocolors using an Android phone, my suggestions are

  1. Keywords on how to play the game and the side bet also.
  2. Have many choices of betting
  3. Place/put an attractive design in the game like decorations and etc. I hope it will be released asap I’m so excited to be a part of this game and bring back my youth by playing it. More power and a good project will come I will keep supporting Icon Pilipinas and Iconbet official.


@qrstuvwxyz99 (Pickaw)

Based on experience or what I noticed. Hahaha

1. I hope there is a tutorial button or Help button on how to play or bet. I got confused when I played it the first time. Haha

2. The text font size, it’s medium at almost at the end. It should be centered and bold to be seen easily

3.Hand position is slightly not in order.

4. There must be sound effects while betting.

5. Confettis are cute!

6. The colors loaded slowly when I opened it the first time. I think the hand appeared first. 😆

7. The colored box (I forgot its name) is quite small.

8.Put in “try again” when the unpicked color shows up.

9. I hope you understand my feedback. 🤣


@qrstuvwxyz99 (Pickaw)

Confetti looks cute! Hahaha. Slightly confused when it comes to the hand position. The font size of “remove the bets” please make it larger. What else? i will add more later. Hahahah #DAOcolorsFeedback

@Dlashredd (Dlash Red)

It is a simple page that I understand that with time it will be renewed, the position of the hand is a bit confusing since it could signal but it is true that when you give the movement and the dice attracts attention, the colors below are well placed the only one The complaint that I see on the page is that there is no section that explains the game, although it is easy it always comes in handy for new ones

@Maesyst (Maesyst)

Dear: Administrator in this group ♥️

I would like to have feedback regarding the new game you opt to launch in Iconbet, Anyway, I’m using Android/smartphone device. Upon testing the color game in beta testnet I must say that the game was smooth the way it was expected. Kudos to the facilitator who made this awesome game. I like the designs and the sound especially when you won the game. The one thing that I don’t like is that it lags too much. When placing the bet I waited for minutes to know if I won 🤭lols. Confetti took some time to show up. And my one suggestion is maybe you will remove the Autobet button because I believe players don’t use it. It might be useless. Because when you turn on the autobet , you can’t choose another color. The rest is okay for me, Anyway I’m so excited about this game, I hope It will launched before Christmas 🥳🥳


@TheFreelhanz (Chester Mariano)

Hardware and Software used during testing:
- Windows 10 Laptop with 8 gig DDR3, i5 Processor,
- Google Chrome
- PLDT @ 25 Mbps (with 5 Mbps backup connection powered by Globe)

• “TARA NA PERYA!” (Let’s go PERYA!”) It brings back memories and I really love playing the game like a lot. The feeling of winning and being rekt at the same time feels nostalgic. I felt like I was a kid again hehe.
• Nice game, in general, the game works perfectly fine for me with minor suggestions.
• First time using daocolors.com I experienced delay but afterward it works well.
• Nice work with confetti
• With continues playing, say 10–20 times, I experienced some delays.
• There are confusing messages within the game for winning and losing (I think boss Geo already address this one)
• Also, I want to suggest if we can add side bet and game mechanics that explain the game. Since it exists in the Philippines, any other players can also play knowing the mechanics.
• Section 34 d4 of the Republic Act. 8491 of the Philippines, (4. In discotheques, cockpits, night and day clubs, casinos, gambling joints and places of vice or where frivolity prevails.)
I just encountered it yesterday while reviewing and reading stuff. Not sure about this since it is always open for interpretation but we will be encountering legal issues should mass adoption and popularity of the game be realized.
This is my observation so far. And by the way, nice confetti. I can feel the winning aura in it.

@TheFreelhanz (Chester Mariano)

I tried betting on a single color and lose but it says “I won 0 ICX” which is technically correct but the message is quite confusing. During testing, I received 2 distinct messages during losing, first is the usual No Luck this time. Try again and You won 0 ICX.


@TheFreelhanz (Chester Mariano)

Currently trying Autobet. As I observed, the message given was delayed at some point. Please see the image for more details


@Meepwned23 (Jordan)

I think it's better to reroll the block that is 50/50 or when it is not sure what color it really showing because in some cases there are people who want to see the one side that dominates the color. I don't know if you understand its hard to find the example 🤣

@GinebraFan (Joel)

What I can say is that the color game is fine but it has no instructions on how to play it. In my case, I am not used in speaking English so there has to be an English and Tagalog instruction for new Filipino players. Then the colors can it cover the entire box? Because it looks like borrowed paint. So it is much better if each color covers the whole box to look more attractive. That’s all. But it’s a nice game and I am playing it. My first time to try it on my cellphone though.
#daocolorsfeedback this correct?

@EmEmCrZ (EmEmCrZ)

First of all. Thank you because we already have a DaoColorgame. My feedback is: Can we see the box (the rectangle) that contains the colors before it rolls? It’s how we originally play it in the perya. It’s much better if we can see the movement of the hand and rope when clicked? And another, when removing a bet, aside from removing all. Is it possible that it would go back to default once coins have been clicked? Same thing when putting the desired coins, that we can also remove it one by one aside from removing it all.

@Annetot01 (MaAnne)

  1. The colors used are very unique. Different from other color game app that can be downloaded on playstore. In short, there is originality.

2. Suggestion only, can there be 3 given colors so we can think of the possible result? If none, it’s like a 100% guessing game.

3. In betting, it is nice coz it’s from the small amount of ICX that is affordable like for those who are saving them thru games, like me.

4. The DAOcolors release is very exciting! I am sure a lot of people will get addicted to this.

5. Overall creation is great and very unique! Good job!


@Lodicakes_Tan (Lodicakes Tan)

Here’s my observation, I’m using an Android phone.
1. I’m having fun since looks new for me.
2. Betting part loads too much.
3. On design aspects, the box and the hand do not complement the color cubes since those 2 look real compare to the cubes. Texts are too small, labels are not readable. And the hands, click/tap is confusing sometimes
4. I can’t understand some parts of the game like side bet. Can we have a game guide integrated?[ I don’t understand side bets so I don’t use it.]
5. Experience wise, it’s fun and unique experience!
6. #DAOcolorsFeedback

@iamjayson (TONYO | icon_🇨🇿)

Hand positioning — all fingers must be seen to look like we are pulling it. Better to have a sign — “HIT ME! or PULL ME!” #DAOcolorsFeedback

@iamjayson (TONYO | icon_🇨🇿)

ms. @Jenny_IconPilipinas maybe we can put a button for game history/transactions, so the player can check especially when they are on auto bet #DAOcolorsFeedback

@iamjayson (TONYO | icon_🇨🇿)

Instead of using “Remove all bets” maybe we can use “RESTART” *in terms or with music that’s really cool. Can we put the “next button” or“next song” * and also the “Language” button? It’s more fun to read it in Tagalog.

@iamjayson (TONYO | icon_🇨🇿)

In sidebet, I won 0 ICX but I placed my bet on other colors. #DAOcolorsFeedback

@Lala014 (Marichelle)


I hope when we win in triple colors, there is a jackpot prize.. 😊 I won triple a while ago, my bet 20 turned to 80 only.

@S1d3Phil (P)

Since the starting test of DaoColors, I found it very enjoyable and I am very excited to try it on the iconbet platform. This game is easy to understand just by betting on color and pulling the string. Overall, the game developed close to the actual game but with a twist. It has a side bet which is for me a trademark of the Iconbet platform.

The visuals were great, it was well designed, and carefully planned. I also like the sound effects although it has some delay in the site and I love the idea of adding an animation of confetti when winning the bet. The autobet feature works well and so far didn’t encounter any error using it. Although I encountered some bugs within the site, sir @Geo_Dude and his team immediately fix the issues. Kudos to your team sir.

I would like to suggest if it is possible to make the font size and the size dice slightly bigger than the current one. I would also like to see more designs like adding flaglets to make it feel like the user is in a carnival or a fiesta in which the game was commonly played.


@Robuxxzs (Jimmy)


Hello, I am currently using an Android/smartphone device. During testing the game in testnet the game was slow. Sound effects used when you win the game comes out slowly. The text font is not attractive. May I know what is the animation button for? I’m confused and I think it was put in the wrong area. . I hope this gets fixed before the game’s official release. Aside from that the auto bet button’s size is not proportioned on my end, it makes me feel bored. You can put the animation button beside that as it looks better compared to putting it beside the box. And lastly, it might be good if you change the font to something more attractive in the eyes of the players.


@Johrell (Angela Support)

The color game is my favorite in the amusement parks. You can play it with a minimal bet, but you get a chance to win the double or triple the amount of your bet if you picked the right colors.☺️ I hope it is likewise for DAOcolors.☺️I hope it has a triple win, too! I hope the color box is already positioned before pulling the rope and before we pick colors. That’s where I depend before placing my bet. Backgound is nice. As for the music, I think it’s better to use the “ohhhh” sound effects if players lose. 😆

@Uwuuz (Kuma)

Please add some background music for more entertainment.
And please let us see the boxes before we pull it because some people make their decision based on the boxes
Overall, It’s Good👍

@stevensol (Steven Solijon)

#DAOcolorsFeedback — please improve the current features to make this game better.

@desare05 (Tata Lino)

Pretty much excited to see this classical Pinoy game. I see this game is going to be fun and exciting.

Pointing on 3 things:
1. Promotional video — is superb! But I hope it also showed the other features of the game.

2. Most of the color games that I know got 2 dices only. But DAOcolors has 3 which gives more chances to win the game.

3. Phone compatibility — I am not sure but this is what I just can see. (see attached picture).

I hope there is another way to play the game.


Sana all!




A P-Rep from 🇵🇭 representing the ICON Project. To learn more about ICON, please visit: https://icon.foundation/?lang=en

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